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XXelerate realizes facility management
solution for large care institution

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Thousands of elderly people rely on the care that the 6,000 care professionals, spread over 33 locations of this care group, offer on a daily basis. This institution offers home care, rehabilitation, nursing home care, care in the last phase of life and independent rental housing for the elderly. The facility organization determines to a large extent the satisfaction of the customers and / or family members of the customers, and is therefore of strategic importance for this care institution. A properly functioning facility management information system (FMIS) is of key importance.


The institution uses different systems to support the facility processes. The institution wants to have one central IT solution that supports all facility management processes, in order to create more insight, to work more efficiently, to further improve the services to customers and thereby improve customer satisfaction.


Realize a solution that supports various facility and real estate related processes. It is important the first project phase can be brought live in a period of 2 months.


During a 2-month period, extensive functionality has been realized in Axxerion, that supports:

  • Management of contacts
  • Creating and handling reports, including the (automatic) forwarding of reports to external parties
  • Reserving meeting rooms, spaces and resources such as projectors, flipcharts, company bicycles, company cars, etc ..
  • Ordering catering, both via internal suppliers and external suppliers
  • Creating work order schedules for preventive maintenance and providing work orders to external suppliers
  • A self-service web portal integrated into the intranet that matches the house style of the customer
  • Links with
    • the contract management system
    • the HR system

Additional functionality will be realized in phase 2, that supports:

  • Home rental administration
  • Management of company resources
  • Reporting
  • Managing and maintaining the property (MYMP)
  • Managing and maintaining the maintenance-sensitive elements

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