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XXelerate realizes real estate management
system for municipality in Limburg

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A municipality in Limburg (in the south of The Netherlands) has about 90,000 inhabitants and manages 500 real estate objects. The objects are buildings, residences, offices, monuments, grounds, allotments, etc.. The municipality is responsible for the management and maintenance of this property.


The municipality has an automated solution in place, however, demands have changed regarding integration with other IT systems, reporting to the province and useability. This has brought the municipality to select Axxerion after an extensive tender procedure.


  • Implement a Real Estate Information System that provides insight into the entire portfolio of the municipality, as a basis for further strategy formation
  • Provide 1 source for reporting to the council of the municipality and the province
  • Provide insight into the costs of preventive maintenance for the next 20-30 years


After an extensive tendering procedure, the Municipality has opted for Axxerion as the central Real Estate Information System. XXelerate has implemented Axxerion at the municipality, and provided the following functionality:

  • Management of relations (persons, companies, associations, etc), including a link with the Basis Registratie Personen (central Dutch persons registration database)
  • Management of the real estate portfolio (complexes, buildings, spaces), including a link with the Buildings Basic Administration
  • Management of lease and rental contracts, maintenance contracts
  • More Years Maintenance Planning MJOP
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance and management of external parties through work orders
  • Management of compliance to laws and regulations
  • Document Management
  • Reports

Results delivered

  • A complete overview of the real estate portfolio, in 1 total solution, with insight into:
    • Budget per property
    • Budget versus realization
    • Profit and loss account, balance sheet
  • A complete registration of all relevant relations
  • Leasing and rental administration, with
    • automated renewal
    • signaling of expiring contracts
    • indexing
    • interface with accounting
  • A complete picture of the planned maintenance costs for the coming 30 years:
    • overview of the maintenance-sensitive elements with their status
    • maintenance based on a standard cost database
    • insight into budget versus realization
  • Record of the financial consequences of maintenance activities, broken down by cost center, budget code and ledger account
  • Always in control with regard to laws and regulations through a dashboard
  • 1 source for reporting to municipality and province
  • A basis for the further development of the municipality’s real estate strategy

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